Amazon CBD Oil – Lab Test Results Revealed

You can buy anything on Amazon now, including CBD… or can you? An interesting “grey area” has developed over the past year on Amazon. A quick search for “CBD Oil” returns page after page of products classified as “Hemp Oil”, “Hemp Extract” or “Hemp Seed Oil”…but not CBD… so what gives??

Within Amazon’s Seller Policies, Cannabidiol (CBD) is listed as a prohibited product, however certain products like Hemp Seed Oil – a different class of product from CBD is permitted. In an attempt to game the system, some sellers have begun skirting Amazon’s rules by listing “CBD Oil” as “Hemp Oil” – or a variety of other names.

The real question is, should this be of concern to you? Because the CBD industry is still relatively young, regulation does not yet exist. This lack of regulation means that the quality of CBD products you consume, and the standards used to manufacture them, are left largely in the hands of the companies selling these products. The FDA has recently gone on record to state that regulation is being developed to control the interstate sale of CBD products, however for now, consumers are left to fend for themselves when purchasing CBD. This is where third party lab testing comes in.

Online CBD retailers who provide current third-party lab results, which clearly display the potency and purity of their CBD products, have become some of the most trusted. A quick read of some of the negative reviews on Amazon, lead you to believe that the “CBD Oil” products being sold may be nothing more than snake oil.

Lab Testing

We wanted to get to the bottom of this, so we randomly purchased seven Hemp Oil products available on Amazon under the search term “CBD Oil”, to find out find if the products had any CBD in them. The products purchased ranged in potency from 250mg to 5000mg of Hemp Oil.

In order to uncover whether these products had any CBD content, each sealed bottle was taken to an independent third party laboratory in Arizona for cannabinoid potency testing.


Of the seven products tested (Elysian, Beyond Bliss, Hemp Garden, Hemp Side, Ultra6 Nutrition, Wellgrade, and Wisehelp) six of the seven came back with zero CBD content (LOQ). While one of the products had CBD content present in the oil, the level was under the advertised amount stated on the packaging (213mg instead of 250mg).

You can find the test results for each brand below.

Products Which Failed Our CBD Test

Product #1: Beyond Bliss – Pure Hemp Oil (250)

Product #2: Hemp Garden – Organic Hemp Oil (500mg)

Product #3: Hemp Side – Ultra Premium Hemp Oil (2500mg)

Product #4: Ultra-6 Nutrition: Ultra Hemp 500 (500mg)

Product #5: Wellgrade Hemp Extract (5000mg)

Product #6: Wisehelp – Ultra Premium Hemp Oil (3000mg)

Product #7: Elysian – Hemp Oil (250mg)


The test results are a clear indication that the products you set out to purchase may not necessarily contain the contents you think you’re getting. Until the market matures, and further regulation has been rolled out, it’s important to research the products you buy.

When it comes to purchasing “CBD Oil” on Amazon, we would recommend performing a quick google search of the company you’re interested in, to find out if lab results are provided on their website. While lab tests can be faked, it’s one of the few options available at this point in time to help you make an informed decision.

If you’re looking for a CBD recommendation, check out our latest review of on our main page.

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  • Great idea, it’s a revolving door of which products appear for “CBD” searches at any given time on Amazon. Unfortunately, the legitimate CBD products that listed accurate labels and potency specs were the first ones to get discovered and banned by Amazon, leaving only these questionable “Hemp oil” brands with inaccurate or misleading labeling to take their space. Hopefully Amazon eventually realizes they are doing a disservice to their customers, and stops punishing the actual CBD products on their platform that customers are actively seeking.

  • I’m in the CBD/Hemp industry and this will keep on happening. The best way to fix this is the 1st offense the owners should get 5 years in jail. 2nd offense life!

  • To the editor, please disregard my last statement. it simply pisses me off that companies in the CBD industry are taking advantage of some sick people. they buy CBD product for health and wellness and companies like who you have listed pray on them.

  • Now, Now Mr Bezos,

    Why don’t you simply get some Cannabis Consultants to work with Amazon and we can make sure only decent products which are fit for purpose get to market through Amazon…. Just a thought.. I will be the first to apply…!!!

    • Good article on exposing the counterfeit products. I am in the CBD industry also and I refuse to sell on Amazon, because they do not follow FDA guidelines, although they claim they do. We had other non-CBD products nutritional supplements banned from Amazon. They were considered hazardous materials – Liquid Chlorophyll dietary supplement!
      Our facility is USDA and FDA inspected. We are also cGMP compliant.
      I am appalled by some “CBD” companies making medical claims on their products. Totally misleading and will give the legitimate companies and black eye from the feds!

  • I agree with Absolute Nature and i always think if your selling on Amazon you cant really be a Serious Cbd advocate as were in this to Help People Not Our Bank Accounts, Fake People Fake Cbd just giving Cbd another bad name and more confusion !! Name and Shame them all…

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